Sunday, March 29, 2009


This we have not bought yet, but man do we want to. At the moment we can not sell PET or glass, there is no where to recycle it in Jordan. If we ground it up we could sell it. We would also use it to grind organic material to make better compost faster. Yum.

This is a 3 ton grinder, meaning it can grind 3 tons of material a day.

There are 6 34 cm blades and 2 70 cm blades on the walls. Basically the short ones on the gears in the middle spin and pulverize things into the blades on the walls of the drums. When pieces are small enough to fit through the holes of the sieve they fall through. Otherwise they get crushed again. Simple, my kind of machine.

Hopefully I will have a noisy video to post soon of this bad boy in action.
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  1. So would you be running this during the school day? ;) what's the noise level of this bad boy at full blast?

    Looks like me and the other teachers may be finding out soon...