Friday, April 24, 2009

Ghabawi Landfill

I got to go out and visit the big landfill that is receiving waste from several big cities including Amman. For someone working on a recycling project it was a pretty motivating experience.

This column of smoke was coming up from a power plant on the way to the dump. We asked the guys around it what was going on, they said they gathered all the trash from around there and burned it. We ask why, given that they were literally neighbors of the dump, they didn't take it there. They didn't really have an answer for that.

The weight bridge, you get weighed in, and then again empty on the way out.

The expanding edge. The dump is done in layers, which is covered each day with soil.

Everything that isn't soil is from today so far, it was about 11am.

A municipal truck with a compactor bulldozer behind it.

This bulldozer is not a compactor, you can tell by the caterpillars.

This is methane bubbling up through the leachate, 2 pretty horrible things. The leachate is literally trash juice, and this is coming from the completed cell 1. Cell 1 is 3.5 million tons of garbage. The methane coming out is 21x more powerful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

This is a leachate treatment pool. Right now they are not actually treating the leachate. This, combined with the fact that cell 1 was overfilled, means that this toxic juice is getting into the soil and then the groundwater. It is the most foul substance I have ever seen. Yummers.
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  1. Sigh...oh Jordan, I really wish that you would reach out and work with NGO's when they're trying to help you find more environmental ways to deal with your waste.

    There's enough to do here for 3 lifetimes.

  2. Alas what is happening in Jordan
    Actually I'm a PhD holder in solid waste and used to work at Greater Amman
    I left it since the administration gave the authority to whom is not specialized.
    This is the way it works in all sectors I believe