Friday, May 29, 2009


Well, after 3 visits to Jordan and 3 months on this one I finally made it to Petra.

It was really beautiful and I am glad I waited to do it with the Julemeister.

The Treasury.

Andreas in front of the treasury. Andreas and Glen came from Cambridge to do an anlysis of our systems, especially making suggestions on what to do with all of that PET. They did a really excellent job, and after talking to all of the different organizations working on recycling, most of whom didn't know about each other, we decided they know more about recycling in Jordan than any other 2 people. They studied the informal sector, the Municipality, NGOs, the private sector, and EGT. Now we have dreams about conveyors and 40 ft shipping containers.

This is Glen. I should really post his pics, they are really amazing.

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