Thursday, January 21, 2010

iSlate | Apple's rumored Device

iSlate | Apple's rumored Device

While I am a gadget geek, I wouldn't normally blog about it, but I have been thinking about this device in the shower. I need to put my thoughts out there.

Actually, my imagination has been caught by a mix of the images of this tablet, and what I have heard about firefox mobile. I often find myself looking at a tweet in twidroid on my droid phone and wanting to open the link in the tweet to read later. Right now I share the tweet as a task to my g tasks and then open the g tasks on my laptop and read it in the browser there. I am imagining clicking the link on my phone, then leaving the browser open in the background and what-do-ya-know it is ready for me when I open my laptop. I am really hoping that the tablet interface is a lot more like a phone than a computer OS, with a phone-like battery life, 3G connection, and this firefox mobile with real time tab syncing. Best case, the tablet has a data connection, and it talks to my phone with bluetooth (or something), and all my phone really does is let met display the tablet which is still in my bag. I use the phone when I don't have time to pull out the tablet. All my calls are VOIP through the connection to the tablet, no more cell minutes. Even without this tablet/phone connection, the idea of a mashup with the very easy, super portable interface of a smart phone and the display and power of a laptop has me up at night.

By the way, I am not at all tied to this being an iSlate/iPhone thing. Personally I would rather have the above super gadget combo be a Chrome OS/Android thing!  Here are some concept images.

UPDATE: 50 Apple tablets found by flurry, probably.

BTW, Steve Jobs is excited.

Live blogging from NYT of the announcement, I am a little disappointed to hear that so far it looks like no 3G. (3G and under $700, Whoa baby). I hope there is a keyboard functionality for dragging your finger rather than tapping, like swype for android (which I love).

Oooo, spotlight search (at the bottom).

These are overstated criticisms, but I have to say that no multi-tasking is tough to get over.

Update: Front facing camera for future releases!

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