Monday, January 18, 2010

Moving on, and Starting Up

Over the Holidays I made the decision to leave Colorado Forest and Energy and move to San Francisco.  I made this decision for many reasons, lack of faith in the quality of the product or the future of the business is not one of them. I believe strongly that in the energy world centralized will be replaced by distributed, products making effective use of waste have an advantage, and modular systems that are easy to deploy can gain a foothold quickly and be successful. The most important reason (in code) for the move is that it will remove the LD from the R with my SO. I am in San Francisco, living in Noe Valley (with my SO). So far I have found the magic curry kart and the sexy soup cart, and I have decided that I will become a connoisseur of food carts in the Mission (the creme brulee cart will be my white whale). I love our apartment, our roommates, and the first week of living here has gone off without a hitch. I am actively job hunting, which is turning out to be a fun and fascinating process. I am learning a great deal and enjoying the search quite a bit. I am very excited by the prospects I have so far, and I look forward to posting about what I decide to do.

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