Saturday, June 12, 2010

South Africa World Cup 2010

Julie and I are here! We are staying in Kalk Bay, a perfect quiet little town an hour train ride outside of the center of Cape Town to the South. Our guest house is beautiful, with a balcony overlooking the sea (picture below). We arrived late Thursday evening (Joe and Jane were sooo kind and picked us up at the airport). On Friday we jumped right in, watching the opening match (SA vs Mexico) in the center of town and then we went to our first World Cup match, France vs Uruguay. The match itself was average, a 0-0 draw, but the stadium and atmosphere were perfect. Julie was one of many who wore earplugs to prevent long term damage, but I would allow no barriers between me and the madness of the vuvuzelas :) Tonight is USA vs England, we will head back in to town to meet up with Taylor Ahlgren and watch a classic US victory! Select photos below, I am uploading them all here. Youtube is blocked on our network, so I am uploading videos to facebook. Check them out there, they are awesome. I will upload to youtube and post them here when I get back.

The view from our balcony.

You need this kind of focus for face painting like that.

Paaaaarty! This was the impromptu party/parade in Green Market Square before the SA-Mexico match.

Julie is a natural on the vuvunzela of course.

Amazing stadium! We rep'ed France for the match. We will be sure to covered in yellow for future pictures (except tonight when we will have on red white and blue!).

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  1. OMG---Galen what a thrill of a lifetime kind of thing. Glad you two are having a great time in S. Africa . We have been watching the games on TV. You have the fun of your life while you are there. Its so exciting. Will keep reading your blog and looking at the photos. Take care, Auntie JM