Monday, June 14, 2010

USA vs England and Some Driving w Jane and Joe

Julie and I went into town for the USA vs England match and watched it at the fan fest. Basically a fan fest is a giant screen and a mass of people, pretty much the perfect way to watch a match. 

The US fans were doing all sorts of cheers, but by far the most awesome were the cheers from the Obama campaign! "YES WE CAN" is the new patriotism, which I think is very awesome.

There was live music before the match, and lots of great dancing before and after. There aint no party like a soccer hooligan party.
That is Taylor Ahlgren, also a Stanford Soccer alum. He works with Grassroots Soccer in Cape Town.


That is Simon's Town from the cliffs above town. Simons town is two towns south of Kalk Bay.
Simon's town is a Navy Base, and there is an old battery on the cliff.
Joe swam in that water, but just going up to the shins was enough for me :)

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