Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lemons, the Sunset, and Strategic Planning

Today was the most productive day yet. We got a lot of the foundational documents nailed down and we can jump into the business plan with gusto. That is going to be a fun process, woot strategic planning! I basically just read a book on business plans and downloaded it into a planning template, we will see how it goes. It was a very helpful book though, if you are on the market for a business plan book I do recommend "Writing a Convincing Business Plan," Third Edition by DeThomas and Derammelaere. Anyway, I have never worked with a document like this before, it is a very different writing style. I am used to academic writing where you can make much broader claims and dream pretty big dreams and probably even find someone to quote to support it. Now we can only say what we can deliver, that is a little harder. Cut the fluff and reel it in G!

This is the lemon tree.

It really is pretty prolific. I will post more later on all of the goodness in the garden.

Post rain sunset.

When I came to Amman the first time I saw the moon rise over the city. It was the first time I had ever seen moonrise. I will try to capture that sometime, I think it might only happen in the summer.
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