Friday, February 20, 2009

A use for bottles!

There is no PET recycling in Jordan, but there are a LOT of PET bottles. posted a story about a house of bottles ( and obviously we were intrigued. See some photos below of Ghalib and I trying our own design.

Maybe we should use them for drapes...

Chopping off the top of one bottle, then it fits over another bottle to make our bricks.

Holes are drilled in each end and here Ghalib is feeding a wire through.

21 rows of 6 bottles. Wire runs through each row with other wires weaving across the 3rd and 4th bottles for stability. Ghalib putting on the final touches. This is just to test the model, but we are going to make the gate for the cafe next. The panels would be good for a compost bin, or even insulated concrete forms for construction. Maybe more to come.
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