Monday, February 16, 2009

Wadi Numera

On Friday we went down to Ghor As-Safi and hiked the Wadi. We also visited the cement block workshop. We are working with the Jimaeea in Safi to generate their own bricks for their housing project. The site can also serve as the base of operation for recycling in the dead sea area, as well as our permaculture test site. I don't have and CBW pics, but here are some good ones from Wadi Numera. Thanks to Zach for the pictures, I had forgotten my camera.

It is nice and cool inside.

Climbing the waterfal.

Leap! The water would normally be much higher, even covering the canyon floor, but there has been no rain.

That's snow!! No, of course not really. It's salt. Yes really. Those are the salt flats at the south end of the dead sea. It made a really gooey soup with the mud underneath, but in some areas it was solid enough to walk on without falling in.

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