Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Round Up

We didn't end up updating much during the trip, I guess that shows we were having a good time. The pictures tell the story, with an assit from the video I made on the flight home. Enjoy, trip take-aways below.

Photos on in my picasa album.

People told us that Cape Town would remind us of San Francisco, and it does. The coastline is probably even better, even more beautiful than Big Sur. We could easily have just stayed there and been very happy :)

Kalk Bay is the place to stay for an extended visit in Cape Town, it is a beautiful and lively harbor town where you can easily spend relaxing mornings and nights when going in to the city for all the sights. I highly recommend both Kalk Bay Guesthouse and the Chartfield Guest house. Both are run by wonderful people who added a great deal to our trip.

The World Cup is everything you can imagine it to be and more. People from all around the world arrive to celebrate and love on each other. It is unbridled joy like I have never experienced. Julie likes to joke with me that I found my dance there, and the truth is I just needed to party with thousands of people who I know are soccer fans! You will find me in Brazil in 2014, I guarantee it.

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